Rope Hoist Cabin Lift

Rope Hoist Cabin Lift

Design:- Compact dimensions, low weight, easy to operate and easy to maintain.


MOTORS: We offer hoist & crane duty Vz hour rated squirrel cage induction motors, confirming to IS 325 with comparatively higher H.P. and higher starting torque to reduce handling time. It is flange mounted to suit our design and with Class B or F insulation, (ABB/ Crompton & Greaves/ Bharat Bijlee) make, 10HP 3 Phase.


ROPE DRUM : The rope drum is made of seamless pipe machined & grooved accurately, to ensure proper seating of wire rope in a proper layer. The drum is fitted with two heavy duty Ball / Roller bearings of reputed make for smooth operation & longer life.


ROPE GUIDE: The rope guide is made of special close grain castings & is specially designed and accurately machined to suit the grooves of the rope drum & prevents the rope from overriding & loosening. It also operates the limit switches provided as a safety feature to limit the over hoisting & over lowering of the hook. The guide is so designed to ensure proper tensioning of the rope.


GEAR BOX: Totally enclosed oil splash lubricated & dust free gear box is provided for smooth, trouble free & longer life. All gears are helical type and cut from alloy steel / low carbon steel on hobbing machines for achieving higher precision & a special process of gear toughening ensures smooth, silent, trouble free running of drive system. The pinions and gears are supported on anti-friction bearings on both ends.


MODULAR : The design is of modular construction and its maintenance is easy as each component i.e.


CONSTRUCTION : brake, motors, gear box & Control panel are independent units and are accessible easily. The complete hoist can be easily maintained by keeping it in its installed position, thus saving on precious labour as well as down time maintenance time.


BEARINGS : Heavy duty deep groove ball / roller bearings of reputed make i.e. SKF or equivalent make are used on all rotating parts and are grease packed for longer bearing life.


BRAKES : Heavy duty 3 phase AC fail safe electromagnetic disc type brakes are provided on hoisting motion held closely to sustain the full load when current supply is switched off either accidentally or intentionally. It is mounted on the rear end of the motor for easy maintenance.


LIMIT SWITCH : Snap action type limit switches are provided to avoid over hoisting & over lowering which is actuated by rope guide.


CONTROL PANEL : Is made of sheet metal covering and are provided with (A) Schneider /C&M/L&T/ Siemens make Contractors, (b) Triple pole Overload Relays of auto reset type is provided in power circuit, (c)  Special single phasing preventor is provided for the safety of Electricals.


SUPPLY VOLTAGE : The hoist is suitable for operation 
on 400/440 Volts, 3 phase.


CAGE: Cage is fabricated from rolled steel section and M.S. plates which are strong enough & robust in construction. These cage lifts are provided with collapsible doors & landing platforms


HOSTING ARRANGEMENT : In hoisting mechanism we are providing 2/4 fall wire Rope reeving system which give absolute vertical movement to cage & to arrest misalignment.


CAGE GUIDE TRACKS : Special machined "C" sections are used as cage guide tracks. Guides are provided on cage. Lubrication is used to reduce the friction, wear & tear between "C" track & guide.


HOSTING ARRANGEMENT : In hoisting mechanism we are providing 4 fall wire Rope reeving system which give absolute vertical movement to cage & to arrest misalignment.


CONTROL : Controls are provided on every floor for operation of the cage.


SAFETY FEATURES: Limit switches are provided on collapsible gates. Lever type limit switches are provided on each floor.  Spring buffers are provided on the ground floor as a safety feature.

ü  Buffer:- 4 Nos Spring type.

ü  Single Phase Preventer:-  Mini Lac/ L&T/ SPR  make.

ü  Cabin :- Fan and light  inside of cabin with control switch.

ü  Limit switches:- To prevent over hoisting & over lowering of Lift. 

ü  Cabin Guide:- 4 Nos. of  C-Chanel are grouted with walls which is provided to smooth and jerk less  movements of Cabin. 

ü  Wire Rope: - M.S. Rope Drum with Wire Rope  length 51 Feet, thickness is 16mm (Usha Martine) make.

ü  Bearing:- Ball Bearing/SKF or Equivalents.

ü  Control Panel:- Cabin operating at floor.

ü  Safety Limit Switch:-

Winch Mounting:- I- Beam Girder which is in your scope.  


It is backed by team of skilled professionals with excellent after sales service. Our R & D personnel are continuously at improving the products, hence we reserve the right to make changes in our specifications.






The above prices are net, Un-packed ex-works Greater Noida, UP; All other taxes, charges and expenses will be extra to your account.


PACKING, LOADING & FORWARDING: Will be charged extra @2.5% of the total contract price.


SALES TAX: The above price is exclusive of sales tax. @13.5% VAT in UP State, outside UP

CST@2% against “C” Form.


FREIGHT: You have to arrange your own transport, If it is arrange by us you have to bare actual cost of the transportation.


PAYMENT TERMS & CONDITIONS: 50 % interest free non returnable advance along with Purchase Order. Balance & along with 100% applicable taxes and duties against Performa Invoice before Dispatch. All the payment should be by Cheque / Demand Draft in favor of M/s Thermo Engineers payable at Greater Noida UP or RTGS us TO Canara Bank Gama -1, Gretar Noida, OD A/c  No. 2807 2610 50022, IFSC Code CNRB 0002807/110015155.


DELIVERY: In about 4 to 6 Weeks from the Date of Receipt of your Technically & Commercially clear order along with the requisite security Deposit. The delivery is subject to force major conditions, which also include Strikes, Lockouts, Power Cuts and non-availability of proprietary items or components, specified bought out components, raw materials and sections. The manufacture and supply of which are not within our control or which are governed by import trade control policy and distribution policies regulated by the Government. You agree to accept delivery of the goods as and when they are dispatched.


INSURANCE: Price offered does not include insurance charges. It is to be arranged by you. Please inform us the name and address of your insuring Company with policy number so that Fax/Telex messages of dispatch details can be given or otherwise it will be arranges by us at your cost.


WARANTEE: Machines manufactured/trade by us are covered under a warrantee of one Year free service within which period if anything goes wrong due to defective manufacture or defective material used in the article free of cost to you. We shall not charge you that actual cost of the articles, but incidental expenses will be charged extra. Warrantee of sub suppliers items and components will be as per their warrantee to us.


VALIDITY: This offer is valid for 15 days from date of issue, there after subject to our confirmation in writing.


CAUTION:  This Lift in Not for human travel, only for goods.


JURISDICTION: All Disputes relating to the above contract are subject to Gautam Budh Nagar, UP Jurisdiction only.


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